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We offer various complex medical housing options.

group of elderly and nurse smilingPlateau Healthcare offers four complex medical homes that feature a community-based setting with trained nurses available around the clock. Each of these homes has from 4-6 bedrooms, as well as comfortably furnished common areas. This style of home was designed with the intention of being more focused on patient-centered care and handicapped accessibility.

We offer several complex medical homes such as:

  • ventilator care
  • tracheostomy care
  • tube feeding
  • catheter care
  • BiPAP and CPAP
  • 24 hours Private Duty Nursing

Our clients receive individualized care with amenities such as a private bedroom, high-speed internet service, cable TV, a family room, decks, and patios. Our hope is to create a setting that truly feels like home to clients, and we think we do an excellent job of making that happen.

Have a closer look at our medical houses and contact us for more inquiries.