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Highly qualified to administer and manage your health.

nurse and woman smilingOur caring nurses are dedicated to providing each client with the best medical care possible. We hire only experienced professionals so that we can be confident that our high standards will be upheld in each of our client’s homes, as well as our complex medical housing facilities. The staff at Plateau Healthcare truly goes the extra mile to make sure each client is attended to in a timely, attentive manner—and they have a friendly attitude as well! We’re proud of the nurses that are on our team.

These are the following trainings we have but not limited to:

  • CPR Certified
  • Onsite Training Ongoing
  • Ventilator Certification Ongoing
  • Require Yearly Education per MN Statue
  • More Hands-on Education

To begin availing the services our trained nursing staff offers, please feel free to reach us. You can also schedule a personal meet-up with us so we can thoroughly assess your various health needs.